Hungry and the Hunted....are determined to define the Hardline when it comes to Barbed wire soul, Deep Blues and Hard & Honest Rock n'Roll.

Working within an industry which is built upon the edicts of, image over substance, Style over content,and where Heart and Art are relegated to the sidelines..
Hunted are determined to provide an alternative.

All support in this considerable struggle is appreciated. 

The band's last album“One Shot At Redemption” took the Hunted's patented “Street Rock n'Roll” sound, built upon it, expanded it and took it to a new level of artistic and production value, incidentally the whole thing was recorded on 1 inch tape, pure analogue and hardcore!

The all guns blazing debut ” Magic Bullets ” is still available through various sources, and hard copies can be purchased directly from this website…alongside the official “Outlaw Rock 'n' Roll” T-shirts...

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