Pakistan born,East London raised Azam Khan is a highly accomplished guitarist who began playing in hard rock bands in his early teens before falling under the spell of Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters which lead to him forming and fronting the blues band Midnight Special, in the early 2000's.
The band hit the ground running
Khan was proclaimed as ‘The new Dalai Lama of Blues’ by TNT magazine, who stated that “Blues music can really go wrong if it’s not played properly, and only the brave or foolish new bands dare to try. It’s early days yet, but going by their new album ‘Moving On’, Khan’s crew have the snarling vocals and exceptional guitar work required.” Midnight Special swiftly established themselves on the UK and European live circuit, headlining Blues Festivals and winning prestigious support slots with the likes of Eric Clapton and Paul Weller.

But Azam began to find the British Blues circuit increasingly confining regarding his ambition and the need within himself to push the musical envelope, at the same time as he was becoming somewhat pissed off and frustrated with the hypocrisy of the so-called ‘War On Terror’. Following the 7/7 bombings, as the finger of suspicion fell firmly on the British Muslim population - coupled with his almost daily experience of stop and searches - he began to feel like an outcast and outlaw within his own beloved London town.
Seeking a suitable, angry, hard hitting musical form to express his feelings, he immersed himself in the music of his youth, when the likes of The Clash, Motorhead and Bruce Springsteen ruled the world. Throwing all his musical influences into the pot – add a dash of The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis into the mix – he channelled all his energy into writing new songs and formed Hungry and the Hunted and released the infamous " Tora Bora" EP featuring the much misunderstood title track, which on the plus side lead to a management/recording deal with music industry veteran Jim Chapman's Rebel Music and work began on the Hunted's first album ‘Magic Bullets’ recorded in London by Azam on guitars and vocals, with Babar Luck on bass, and Tom Meadows on drums, mixed in Berlin and mastered by Ace from Skunk Anansie.

Following is an excerpt from the press release.

"A constant theme running throughout ‘Magic Bullets’ is “A tribute to the spirit of the underdog, a soundtrack for those intrepid souls willing to make a stand for what they believe in, who somehow manage to take on the odds regardless of the consequences” states Azam. Targets in the crossfire of his vision include celebrity culture, the Iraq and Afghanistan excursions and big business. Every track on ‘Magic Bullets’ hits you smack between the eyes; each rousing chorus comes at you with the intensity of a fighter totally hardwired for battle, who truly does not comprehend the concept of defeat."
Album got released to amazing reviews but coincided with financial troubles and bankruptcy of Rebel Music and bowing out of the music industry of Jim Chapman. That was a body blow of sorts but Azam/Hunted decided to take to the road and the music to the people across the UK playing any and every venue across the nation with various permutations of the Hunted line-up, all the whilst juggling various day jobs, cook, handyman, teaching ( having studied community music at Goldsmiths College under the tutelage of Phil Mullen a few years back ) it's hard to make a living playing original music.

REDEMPTION is an ambitious, 12 song musical roller coaster ride,which flirts and skirts round various genres, taking in Blues, County, Rockabilly,Hard Rock Punk and Reggae , whilst maintaining the patented “Hunted” Rock n'roll sound...
Whole thing is recorded on 1 inch Tape, pure analogue, old school and Hardcore!!
The band’s Power trio sound expanded by the addition of Brass Section,Hammond Organ/Keyboards,Harmonica etc.

Work has already begun on what will constitute the next release.

"In the end my Art is a work of fractious beauty, I do not attempt or seek perfection, despite taking a long time and care over whatever I produce, I refuse to be pigeon-holed, cajoled or have a label stuck on me...
Hungry and the Hunted is a band in concept but when it comes down to the wire it's Azam Khan utilizing a talented network of musicians, depending on whose available or the most suited for the recording session, the gig, the tour or whatever...
Ok, so I'm the benevolent dictator at the Helm, slightly saner version of Captain Ahab chasing that proverbial whale like task, that lies ahead of all of us ,trying to make a living, express myself as an artist and run a business promoting and selling hard and honest music which does not ride on the coat-tails of show business, huge financial backing,and a Kardashian approach to image manipulation.."

Azam Khan


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