The smallest of actions is worth more than the noblest of intentions…… 

This blog page will be seeing some action in the next few days, what i will write about, well it could be anything under the sun 
The topics that i'm thinking of tackling will be wide and varied and will not be confined to music
Books Politics and Sports might well come under the hammer of my pen and ink artillery.

I have recently read Colson Whitehead's electrifying and heart-breaking Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Nickle Boys , set in Jim Crow-era Florida, in which two boys are unjustly sent to a hellish reform school.I have been suitably impressed, in-fact i would say that im blown away!!

Elwood Curtis has taken the words of Dr Martin Luther King to heart: he is as good as anyone. A hard-working student and, as the times seem to be changing for people like him, his future looks bright. But an innocent and tragic mistake changes his life for ever...

Turner the other lad whom Elwood befriends at Nickel, has been in the system longer is hardened and more cynical and believes the only way to survive...
Well worth a read 




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