Hungry & The Hunted
“Magic Bullets”

Azam Khan continues the tradition pioneered by the likes of Strummer in releasing the next generation of revolutionary rock! Whilst The Clash sang about the 70s and drew their angst from it’s socio political state, Pakistani born Khan needn’t look too far from the anti Muslim sentiment post 9/11. Although raised in London’s woeful east end, Khan’s talents as a guitarist thankfully saw him go farther afield than Brick Lane in fronting his own blues rock n roll band, Midnight Special, who toured thru the Noughties with no less than Eric Clapton and Paul Weller. Despite this, he still felt compelled to push the musical envelope out further and following the mass Islamophobic hysteria caused by London’s own bombings on the 7/7, gave him all the emotional fuel needed to produce “Magic Bullets”. It’s certainly an angry and emotional opus but sensibly, Khan has not gone for a political (not withstanding the inlay imagery of oppressed but fighting back peoples i.e. Apaches, Palestinians, Russian partisans and that Indian ‘Bandit Woman’ lady) or an apologist approach but instead drawn from the musical inspiration of his youth to kick out the jams with the likes of The Clash meets Springsteen ‘This Time’, the abrasive punk rock n roll of ‘Laughing At The Hurricane’ and the Motorhead tinged ‘T’il The Morning’. Backed by King Prawn’s Babar Luck on bass and mastered by Ace from Skunk (Anansie), this has all the ingredients from rock rebellion to punk sass to be in your face to charge the police barricades – all Khan needs to do is light the tinderbox.

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